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'All My Wild Mothers is a story of motherhood, loss and what can happen when you steadily sow the seeds of new life, as Victoria and her son did on barren wasteland next to the council estate they moved to when her son was five years old. Victoria was weeks away from giving birth when her world was turned upside down after her sister died suddenly in a canoeing accident. Two years later her son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, in diabetic ketoacidosis after her concerns about his health were dismissed by doctors. This plunged Victoria into a terrifying world of being a carer for a baby with a chronic condition, all while still processing her own grief. Victoria’s writing is strikingly transportive, and the severity of what it means to raise a child with diabetes really comes through as you move through her world within the book. The evocative retelling of her experiences as a parent will stick with me for a long time, and not only will this book help parents going through similar challenges, but it will do so much to raise awareness of the realities of dealing with type 1 to those who are unaffected by the condition. This is undoubtedly a story of resilience, but also one of great hope' 

In honour of International Women’s Day, we’re giving space to a few of the women who’ve found meaning and fulfilment in the gardens they’ve created. We’re exploring the power that exists in our own connection with the rich environments we inhabit, and the myriad of ways we can care for and cultivate it. Writer and gardener Alice Vincent opens up about her quest to find out why exactly women grow, RHS edible grower Suzie Kelly shares her top tips for growing her favourite vegetable (tomatoes!), and author Victoria Bennett gives us an honest look at the apothecary garden she built in the midst of deep grief.

Victoria Bennett, author of the intimate memoir ‘All My Wild Mothers’  - a story of re-wilding our wastelands & the transformation that happens when we do. After losing her sister in a boating accident & later finding out her son had a lifelong medical condition, Vik turned to the rubble & weeds outside her door to create a new kind of future. A look to the simpler side of life where we can be closer to nature and allow it to support and heal us through our more challenging times. Thanks also for showing us how to seek out nature in our daily lives so that when we hit the tough times we already have the means to help us survive and even thrive.

Interview with Spelt Magazine - a magazine that proactively encourages creativity, as well as celebrating those writers working in rural settings, writing about the rural experience, celebrating nature and the natural world.

'A stunning addition to the growing canon of nature writing we have in this country. I loved speaking with Victoria about the symbiosis of writing and gardening, re-finding creativity after loss, the process of writing her debut memoir All My Wild Mothers, and much more.'

Interview with Robert Kirkwood (@TalkingBooks) on weeds, mothering through grief, and the benefits of wild gardening for those living with vision impairment, as we chat about the story sown into All My Wild Mothers.

Recorded for Read On - The Audiobook Show - RNIB Radio

Interview with Aim Me and Renee on the Caravan of the Heart podcast (USA) - talking motherhood, grief, radical hope and reclaiming our wild spaces, with readings from All My Wild Mothers.

'The witches and Rosa are thrilled to have Victoria Bennett visit for today’s Monday Merry Meet. Victoria’s book All My Wild Mothers is a joy to read and hold, and follows her journey through grief and motherhood with the creation of her own apothecary garden. So grab yourself a cuppa, relax and catch up with the chat. You’re in for a treat.'

The Wildlife Community Podcast - conversations with great guests about the importance of connecting people and nature, hosted by nature writer and presenter, Charlie Bingham. 

Providing honest and practical information, bringing together some of the best-known experts in the world of horticulture. 

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Five Books interview, and my recommendation of five nature memoirs and why I have chosen them

A talk about resilience, grief, life and what grows in the darkest places 

Guest contributor to 'Growing Up in the Garden'  episode, exploring gardening with children - Gardening with the RHS

Top Ten Basic Herbs for an Apothecary Garden

“Ever wondered what happens when you gather a of Wild Women together and tell your own stories? Do we get more creative in Menopause?...all these questions are discussed and so much more.”

“How did you come to the plant path? How did the garden help you grow through grief? How did the plants teach you resilience?... " all these questions and more discussed in the plant-focused podcast

“. ..a book that offers interesting insight in the role death plays in the making and breaking of human bonds and connection... ”

“in times of sudden grief, or sudden loss...when that sense of certainty is ripped out from beneath you .... in that moment it's important to be able to say I am going to get through this moment and that be enough...

“...To any one of us who has lived, or grieved, or planted a seed or admired the tenacity of weeds, All My Wild Mothers is a siren call of hope. Reading it gives a sense of belonging, an understanding not only of the adaptability and resilience of Nature, but of human nature. Whatever the wastelands of our past, our relationships and the difficulties of our present situations, through sharing her story Victoria Bennett shows we can not just survive, but that, like a small lost seed, we can thrive...”

“...I needed to see what could grow at that point in my life, to put my hands in the ground and see what could live...” (at 31.53)

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