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''There are some books that you read, knowing that they will stay with you for a long time. Victoria Bennett’s memoir ... A book that allows its structure to be formed around the breaking of a seed and uses traditional herbal medicine and folklore to signpost the sacred pilgrimage through the grief of many losses, to setting forth a mandate for the future earth, this is a piece that is astute and cleverly crafted. From the drawing of a tight, closed kernel on its opening pages, to the sharp outline of a cotyledon that reaches upward to the light that appears as the book closes, Bennett puts not one Wellington-booted foot out of place in the elegance and belief of this writing ... All My Wild Mothers is one of those books. I can’t promise that this will always be a relaxing read, but All My Wild Mothers is one of the most achingly precious books that I have encountered in recent times, and I can thoroughly recommend it'. 

'My guest this week is Victoria Bennett, author of the intimate memoir ‘All My Wild Mothers’ a story of re-wilding our wastelands & the transformation that happens when we do. After losing her sister in a boating accident & later finding out her son had a lifelong medical condition, Vik turned to the rubble & weeds outside her door to create a new kind of future.'

“I am quite spellbound by it. Poetic, compelling, heartbreaking yet hopeful, it’s beautifully written and I am quite in awe of Bennett’s strength and resilience, creating something beautiful out of life’s inevitable grief and harshness.”

 I absolutely loved this quiet book, that celebrates the wisdom of small children, nurtured through the early years and the symbiosis of mother and child.”

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