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'There are some books that you read, knowing that they will stay with you for a long time. Victoria Bennett’s memoir All My Wild Mothers is one of those books. ... From the drawing of a tight, closed kernel on its opening pages, to the sharp outline of a cotyledon that reaches upward to the light that appears as the book closes, Bennett puts not one Wellington-booted foot out of place in the elegance and belief of this writing ...  I can’t promise that this will always be a relaxing read, but All My Wild Mothers is one of the most achingly precious books that I have encountered in recent times, and I can thoroughly recommend it'. 

'a story of re-wilding our wastelands & the transformation that happens when we do. After losing her sister in a boating accident & later finding out her son had a lifelong medical condition, Victoria turned to the rubble & weeds outside her door to create a new kind of future - showing us how to seek out nature in our daily lies so that when we hit the touch times, we already hve the means to help us survive and even thrive...'

“I am quite spellbound by it. Poetic, compelling, heartbreaking yet hopeful, it’s beautifully written and I am quite in awe of Bennett’s strength and resilience, creating something beautiful out of life’s inevitable grief and harshness.”

 I absolutely loved this quiet book, that celebrates the wisdom of small children, nurtured through the early years and the symbiosis of mother and child.”

“There are no simple solutions offered here, nothing so pat as that 'gardening heals all hurts', but Bennett writes into the broken places and finds joy ... Sitting somwhere between creative non-fiction and nature essays, it's a beautiful read for any fab of women's life writing, especially if you share the interests in grief or gardening. I hope we'll see it recognized on the Barbellion and Wainwright shortlists alike.”

'I absolutely loved this book ... poignant, beautifully written, lyrical in places. It will stay with me for a long time.'

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'This is a gift to readers, a great achievement of storytelling but also of compassion ... in doing so lets us all feel less alone'

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